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Kanakadasa Jayanthi 2023: Who was Kanakadasa? Why and where do we celebrate it? Read details

Kanakadasa Jayanti 2023: This year, Kanakadasa Jayanti is celebrated on November 30 to celebrate the great Kannada poet, philosopher, and musician Shri Kanakadasa on his birth anniversary. Know the history and significance of this day

Kanakadasa Jayanthi 2023: Who was Kanakadasa? Why and where do we celebrate it? Read details RBA
First Published Nov 30, 2023, 9:56 AM IST

Kanakadasa Jayanti is a regional public holiday in Karnataka—every year, on the 18th of the Hindu month of Kartik. Kanakadasa was a poet, philosopher, and musician member of the Haridasa literary movement, which heralded the age of devotional literature in Karnataka. He is well-known for his Kannada-language compositions for Carnatic music.

Kanakadasa became prominent through his simple writings and compositions in the Kannada language and local metrical styles. His creative compositions demonstrated his inventiveness in using the everyday routines of the average man.

History and Importance of Kanakadasa Jayant: 
Karnataka is well-known for its saints, who preached devotion regardless of community or caste. These saints preached devotion to Lord Narayana or Hari in Kannada, which was widely known then. Shri Kanaka Dasa was one such saint. On November 6, 1509, he was born in a non-Brahmin clan near Kaginele.


Kanaka Dasa developed became a philosopher, poet, and musician. He rose to prominence as a composer in Kannada. He then joined the Haridasa devotional movement in Karnataka. This influenced the philosophy, culture, and art of South Indian states, particularly Karnataka. This movement had a spiritual impact on the people and kingdoms of South India. It also became a big literary movement by introducing devotional literature to the people of Karnataka. Shri Kanaka Dasa became an essential component of this movement.

Haribahaktisara, Mohanatarangini, Narasimha Tava, Ramadhanya Charitra, and Nala Charitra are some of the major works of the legendary Saint Kanakadasa.

Kanaka Dasa not only made a great contribution to Kannada literature, but he also initiated the social and philosophical process. This aided him in spreading the equality message. He was also opposed to the caste system, believing that it harmed people's economic and religious lives. He used to teach this roughly 500 years ago, but we haven't fulfilled this goal yet and suffer casteism concerns daily.

Karnataka celebrates Kanakadasa Jayanti every year in honour of such an extraordinary saint. This day is particularly significant in the state's social and cultural history.

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When is Kanakadasa Jayanti celebrated?
The Karnataka government has declared his birthday a regional public holiday to celebrate Shri Kanaka Dasa's remarkable efforts. As a result, all government universities, schools, and workplaces stay closed, and citizens join in the festivities. Every year, it happens on the 18th day of the Hindu month of Kartik. As a result, it usually occurs around November. The Kanakadasa Jayanti date may be found in the Karnataka government calendar's general holiday list, published at the start of each year.

How to celebrate Kanakadasa Jayanti and Where to go?
Kanakadas Jayanthi, which holds a unique place in the hearts of Kannada people, is celebrated with tremendous pomp and gaiety each year in practically all Karnataka cities. This day is observed to raise awareness of Kanakadasa Jayanthi and Shri Kanakadasa's contributions to Karnataka. Major festivities take place in places like as Bengaluru, Belgavi, Mysuru, Udupi, and Bada, and make headlines in newspapers.

The Kanakadasa Jayanthi event details is made public a few days before D-day. Every city commemorates the day in a unique way. However, there are a few features that this event has in common in each city. On the streets, worshippers carry out a beautiful procession of the holy saint decked up in flowers. Kanaka's idol is set up and decked with flowers at a few locations across town.

Various folk troupes such as Gombe kunitha, nandidwaja, kamsale kunitha, somana kunitha, Kolata, veeragase, Kolata, dollu kunitha, and others perform throughout the parade, dressed in colourful and exquisite ethnic attire. Different dance styles are popular in various cities, and you can find one or more of the dance above forms. Then there are various tableaux representing the great saint's life and teachings.

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In a few cities, you may discover a group of students performing various musical instruments. Women bearing kalsas add to the procession's beauty. Later, at the pre-determined end of the parade, a stage is built up. Some government officials or ministers will be speaking to the public here. Even these talks discuss the saint's life and how people may follow Kanakadasa's ideas to prosper in life!

Do you like to be a part of this beautiful event and learn about the renowned philosopher Shri Kanaka Dasa's teachings? Then, you should plan a trip to Karnataka in advance by researching Kanakadasa Jayanthi facts and dates online. Because it is adjacent to the Arabian Sea and encircled by the Western Ghats, the state is awash in natural splendour. Also, Kanakadas Jayanthi occurs in November or December, which are lovely months to visit the state.

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