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New Career Options Emerging as Internet Penetration Deepens in India

Here is the list of career options you can choose by sitting at home.

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Bengaluru, First Published Jul 12, 2021, 8:19 PM IST
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India has over 500 million active internet users, making it the world's second-biggest online market. It offers one of the most inexpensive mobile data plans globally, which has aided in rural India's internet penetration via the use of high-speed 4G mobile networks with minimal latency. These enable individuals to improve their chances of obtaining professions and employment. Numerous jobs have been created due to the internet, and today individuals can make money while sitting at home. Here is the list of career options you can choose by sitting at home:

Virtual Assistant
Businesses, professionals, and small teams often need help with a variety of administrative duties. These tasks may involve arranging meetings, communicating with customers and investors, tracking orders, producing business documents such as PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, and maintaining blogs and websites. Virtual assistants (VAs) help such customers remotely by managing the parts of their company or profession that they are too busy to manage personally.

Depending on your credentials, being a VA may need some training or briefing. However, suppose you have strong communication skills and proficiency with programs such as Microsoft Office. In that case, you can simply register on sites such as and and begin searching for employment as a virtual assistant.

This may be the perfect chance for you if you are bilingual or trilingual. While being proficient in English and one or two Indian languages may suffice, completing a language course increases your earning potential considerably.

Blog monetization has accelerated over the last decade. To monetize your blog, you may sign up for Google Adsense, which will provide you with advertisements to display on your site. Following that, you'll have to wait to see whether your account is authorized. Though it is, you may continue to get ad placements and generate a regular, if not substantial, revenue. Adsense compensates advertisers based on the number of clicks and views their advertisements get.

Online sales of your goods
Whether you like crafts or are especially adept at selecting materials and assembling outfits, there is almost certainly a market for your creations. Once you've determined what you want to sell, build an inventory by purchasing the goods wholesale or manufacturing a sufficient quantity to meet demand, and then set the pricing you want to sell them.

To sell these products, you may create an account on any primary online seller's website, from Amazon and eBay to smaller marketplaces such as These portals charge a modest fee to store your goods on their servers. Once you get an order, package your goods and keep them in a location where the selected portal's logistics partner can pick them up and distribute them. You will get money within five to seven days after the completion of a transaction.

Producing YouTube videos
YouTube is both famous and convenient to use. If you are not camera shy and are comfortable using a video camera, this may be the platform for you. Choose a genre or subject for your films and get started, but make sure it's a topic that will pique the attention of a large number of people.

YouTube has a large audience for anything from culinary programs to political discussions. You don't even need professional equipment or a suitable setup; a mid-range smartphone would do. You must establish a YouTube channel, which operates similarly to a blog—as your channel gains popularity and followers, your potential earning increases. Once you acquire fame, YouTube provides many income possibilities ranging from brand sponsorships to event coverage.

Web design
If you have a working knowledge of coding and web design, you may simply work as a web developer from home. Even if you are a complete beginner interested in the profession, there are hundreds of simple online courses available to assist you in getting started. Because businesses often outsource web development, it should be quite simple to get employment in this field.

Bear in mind, though, that there are many freelance web developers available that may give you a run for your money. It's critical to identify your specialty, establish a positive reputation, and maintain a fair price structure. You can design different websites which are updated regularly. You may build unique websites that reflect your preferences, or you can make real-time websites. These websites may range from sports websites with real-time match scores to lottery websites like lottery sambad, dedicated to Indian state lotteries. These lotteries, such as Dhankesari, have the latest results. Additionally, you may see Kerala state lottery results. The developer has incorporated several state lotteries into the website, allowing users to check if they have won or not.

Entry of data
Although technology is threatening this line of employment, there are still plenty of data entry positions accessible in India. It's one of the easiest internet jobs available and needs no particular expertise. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, as well as quick typing abilities and an eye for detail.

The majority of freelancing websites offer these tasks, and you can register with any of them to get started. The customer delivers data in printed or scanned sheets that must be entered into a digital format. This straightforward job may earn you a consistent income while allowing you to work from home on a flexible schedule.

Tutoring through the internet
If you have tutoring experience or are an expert in a specific topic, you may make money online teaching others. As an online tutor, register on,, or and establish a profile detailing the topics or classes you want to teach, your expertise, and your credentials.

After your information is verified and authorized, you will be required to take an online exam or conduct a telephone interview to be chosen. If academic tutoring is not for you, portals such as Udemy enable you to create your virtual classroom for everything that can be taught, from cooking to yoga.

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