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Caffeine Damage: 5 damaging side effects of Coffee harmful for Shiny Hair Locks

To mitigate these potential side effects, consider using coffee as a hair treatment in moderation, perhaps once or twice a week rather than daily. Additionally, it's advisable to rinse your hair thoroughly after applying coffee-based treatments. It only aids you in effectively lessening the chances of buildup and staining.

Caffeine Damage: 5 damaging side effects of Coffee harmful for Shiny Hair Locks vma eai
First Published Sep 25, 2023, 8:35 PM IST

The emerging trend of applying coffee to hair has captured the attention of hair care enthusiasts and professionals alike. This aromatic bean is appreciated and hailed for its potential benefits, from stimulating hair growth to enhancing scalp health. But, as with any novel treatment, it is very apt and crucial to be well-informed about the benefits and harmful side effects. While coffee-based hair treatments may be fruitful for many, they can also result in damaging reactions for some individuals. While coffee has become a popular natural remedy for hair care, using it daily can lead to probable adverse effects on your hair and scalp. Another possible side effect of using coffee on hair is colour changes and staining, primarily noticeable in lighter hair shades. Coffee has a dark pigment that may affect the colour of your hair. Those with blonde or light-coloured hair may notice a slight darkening or a change in hair colour with repeated use of coffee hair treatments.

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Here are 5 damaging side effects of Coffee for Shiny Hair Locks:

1. Hair Dryness: 

Coffee can dry the hair because of its natural diuretic properties. Daily use may strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it dry, brittle, and susceptible to breakage.

2. Scalp Irritation: 

Coffee grounds or coffee-infused hair products may be abrasive and can potentially irritate the sensitive skin on your scalp. This irritation could lead to redness, itching, or even allergic reactions in individuals.

3. Colour Changes: 

Coffee can temporarily stain light-coloured or blonde hair. If used daily, this staining effect may become more pronounced and difficult to remove, potentially altering your hair's colour over time.

4. Buildup: 

Coffee grounds or residue from coffee-based hair products can build up on your scalp and hair, leading to product buildup. This buildup can make your hair feel heavy, greasy, and less manageable.

5. Unwanted Odour: 

Coffee has a strong and distinct odour. Using coffee daily on your hair may leave it smelling like coffee, which could be undesirable for some people, especially in professional or social settings.

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