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Are you being gaslighted in your relationship? Here are some ways to recognise and deal with it

Are you aware of the term gaslighting? Many of us will be going through gaslighting but fail to recognise it. Here are some ways by which you can identify and deal with it.   

Are you being gaslighted in your relationship Here are some ways to recognise and deal with it sur
First Published Oct 2, 2022, 7:30 AM IST

You don’t have to be too sensitive. Why do you cry about such small things? Why do you always exaggerate your sentiments or situations- do you listen to such things regularly? Well, that’s gaslighting. The term is defined as the purposeful attempts to manipulate you into being sceptical about your feelings or the actual events. The person attempting this thing wants to confuse you or create a situation where you self-doubt about yourself. If you are the one who is always apologising, feeling dismissed or neglected, starts doubting yourself, feels lost or manipulated or has a sense of negativity in the air around you or a guilt trip in expressing your emotions. These are the signs that you are being gaslighted. If you don’t know how we will bring you some ways to help you deal with gaslighting.

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Take a break from the situation: A sense of emotional strings can be experienced while you are going through gaslighting, and all that are valid but do not let those emotions let you take bad immediate reactions. Keep aside your anger, frustration and sadness and try to remain calm to deal with the situation effectively. This can encourage the person to manipulate you more, and once they know you are aware that they are playing, they won’t bow but instead, try to confuse you. Staying calm in the situation will make you aware of the truth while clearing your mind; therefore, you can make mindful decisions.

Self-care is what you need:  Taking care of yourself will improve your mental health and give you a clearer view of the situation. Sometimes, being in the same space can confuse your thoughts and mislead you. You can Try positive self-talk, positive affirmations, and sort your emotions. You can also connect with others to discuss the strategies for overcoming gaslighting.

Try to seek help from outside: Do not hesitate and think that sharing your thoughts will create drama; instead, share your feelings and ask for support from people you can trust. This will motivate you in one way and guide you to the right path. 

Speak with utmost confidence: Ensure you collect proper evidence, including pictures and e-mails or recap the dialogues with direct quotes to bring the truth in front. Make sure you speak up with self-assurance without any doubts to convince people that you are speaking the actuality.

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