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3 ways to get back that spark in your relationship

  • Missing that spark from your relationship?
  • Here's what you need to do
ways to get back that spark in your relationship
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And, yet, that seems like a distant dream when you look at your significant other.  Looking for a revive that spark? Well, here's what you need to do.


Schedule Dates:  It’s easy to slip into nostalgia mood, and remember the thrill of the early stages of a relationship. But instead of the bygone days, then make an effort to set aside a day to do some kind of activity together.


It could be as simple as taking the dog out for a walk together or going out for a meal to your favourite restaurant. More importantly, make the commitment to restart date night.



Take a break:  You know that old chestnut: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, here’s your chance. Opt for a solo holiday or go with your all-girl / all-guy friends.  This is not the same as a break-up, either. Else, you’ll be explaining yourself like Ross.


 The idea of going on a separate ways, albeit temporarily, is to deviate from the usual humdrum of routine that you’ll have become accustomed to. It also helps you re-evaluate your relationship expectations.


Rediscover touch:  Get back to being touchy-feely like when you’ll first started going out. Being tactile is important, and is often underrated.  Studies have indicated that people often stop touching their significant others in long-term relationships. It’s not deliberate but it happens because of the familiar and comfort that comes from being in a relationship.


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