The picture, which many are calling an illusion, has the magnificent Empire State Building towards the left of the frame and an upside-down human figure towards the top-right corner of the frame. 


The blurry and mysterious human figure falling from the sky has taken the social media by storm. 


While many are calling it an illusion, there are many who vouch for the unexplained, unspoken phenomena. 


The picture had recently been shared on Reddit and ever since then netizens have been trying to deduce what exactly is happening in the picture. 


One person reasoned, "Those stars look exactly like orions belt. They must be stars."


While another explained the human-like-figure in great detail. He wrote, "My best guess is a reflection somewhere, perhaps in the lens, from a crossing sign (possibly the over bright one at street level). The angle of the lens compared to the sign may well, on a curved lens, have simply put the shadow image way higher than expected (and inverted it)."


What do you think has happened in this picture. Let us know.