How often do Bollywood actors speak on controversial topics? The simple answer to that is almost never. Our celebrities shy away from making bold comments for fear that they might be misunderstood. But Highway star Randeep Hooda is different and in his Facebook post, he addressed the elephant in the room.

The actor uploaded a post on Facebook recently and it soon went viral. He acknowledged the fact that India has become a place where people feel insecure because of their cultural identity. His underlining message was this: it doesn’t matter if you’re Hindu, Muslim or Dalit, you will feel like your community is being attacked.

Interestingly, the Sarabjit star also offered a solution to the problem that’s dogged the country’s cultural politics. The actor asked people to stay away from the news, divisive social media posts and debates about religion. And he also said what one must do instead.

He urged people to invest time in friends who belong to different religions, communities and castes. To be honest, Hooda’s solution to the country’s communal and caste problems lies in having a positive outlook and celebrating diversity.

Hooda’s post has been shared almost 87,000 times and his joyful vision of life seems to have resonated with many across the country. Hooda also shared a fan’s tweet who said he was scared to get down at Saharanpur after social media posts and news articles detailed the caste violence which erupted in the UP town. However, the same fan tweeted later saying that he was safe in Saharanpur, even though technology painted a different picture.