Possessed by the devil a nun wrote a letter, 300 years later it has now been decoded

First Published 12, Sep 2017, 8:25 PM IST
Possessed by the devil a nun wrote a letter 300 years later it has now been decoded
  • Nun believes she wrote about the message from the Devil
  • Using a decryption software on the dark web, that message has been decoded
  • It claims 'God was invented by man'

An Italian nun believed that she had been ‘possessed by the devil’ and that is how she wrote  several mysterious letters in 1676. Among them one letter Now, nearly 300 years after the symbols first appeared on parchment, decoders and researchers believe they have found what the letter conveyed.

The letter written by Sister Maria Crocifissa della Concezione in code apparently said that ‘this system works for no one’ and that ‘god’ was an invention of humans. (Have we not heard that before?)

 ‘God thinks he can free mortals,’ it reads, then refers to the river of the underworld saying ‘Perhaps now, Styx is certain’.

River Styx separates the Earth and the Underworld in Greek and Roman mythology.

The letter was found at the Benedictine convent at Palma di Montechiaro, Sicily. The nun is said to have lived there since she entered its gates when she was 15.

A group of Italian computer scientists put on their thinking caps and using decryption software and help of the Darkweb (the underworld of the Internet) claim to have solved the mysterious coded lingo of the letter.

The story goes that one morning in 1676, the nun woke up with her body all covered in ink and a letter all written in code. She told the other nuns that she had been possessed by Satan and that he had forced her to write a message. The god-fearing nuns believed her and despite not understanding what the message was displayed it in their nunnery.

Needless, to say, the letter became a fascination and people unsuccessfully tried to decode the symbols over the years.

The Israel Times  reports that a team at the Ludum Science Centre in Catania, Sicily, used a program they found on the dark web to unscramble the letter. They believe it is the same software used by intelligence agencies to decipher code.

“We heard about the software, which we believe is used by intelligence services for codebreaking,” said told The Times. Daniele Abate, director of the centre said, they filled the software with ancient Greek, Arabic, the Runic alphabet and Latin to de-scramble some of the letter to read ‘what the devil’ had written.  

In order to do this they had to study their subject Sister Maria as well. She was known to be a linguist and adept at many languages and that is how they believe the numerous symbols used in the letter. Scientists believe the letter had been invented by her and was a mixture of all she knew.

The group translated 15 lines of the letter and found that it discusses the relationship between humans, God and Satan.

Modern theorists believe rather than the devil it could have been the nun’s own schizophrenia talking. Some say she was bipolar. Researchers say that she was prone to episodes where she would be kneeling in front of the altar screaming profanity saying that the devil wanted her to serve him.

Among the other lines decoded from the scrambled letter there were lines which translated into a the description of god, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a derogatory manner. They were basically called ‘'dead weights', and also one of the lines was decoded as the devil saying  'God thinks he can free mortals'.