Kumar, a resident of Jogupalya was found murdered near Kalpalli cemetery on April 4.


Pulkeshinagar police had arrested four men – Shridhar, Dinesh, Patrick and Prabhu – on charges of murder. Another accused Avinash is yet to be traced.


However, Kumar’s wife Doren's role came to light during the investigation.


According to the police, Kumar used to lend money in his locality. If women had taken loan from him, he would offer them to waive their loan, if they had sex with him.


Of late, he would bring women home and allegedly sexually assault them before his wife and children. Doren had warned him to mend his behaviour but in vain.


He continued to bring women home and would kick-up quarrel with Doren, said the police.


Disgusted at his behaviour, Doren Kumar hatched a plan to eliminate him.


She was aware that Shridhar – one of the accused – had taken Rs five lakh loan from Kumar. She befriended him and explained her situation and asked his help to kill her husband. She even offered to pay Rs 30 lakh for the job and had paid Rs 2 lakh as advance.


With the help of his friends – Dinesh, Patrick and Prabhu and Avinash – Shridhar decided to eliminate Kumar on April 4.


Shridhar was aware of Kumar's weakness for women, so he asked his friend Clara to call Kumar. But Clara could not speak better Kannada, so she sought help from her friend Revathi. As planned, Revathi called up Kumar and requested for loan. She asked him to come to Kalpalli cemetry.


Kumar left to Kalpalli along with his friend on a bike. The four accused blocked his way near Kalpalli and lethally attacked Kumar, who died on the spot. His friend managed to escape.


Pulakeshinagar police have now taken Doren Kumar to custody.