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Indiranagar spa extortion case: Anchor Divya Vasanth absconds after scamming 100 people; FIR filed, 2 arrested

GB Nagar police arrested Raj News CEO Rajanukunte Venkatesh and anchor Divya Vasanth Sodara Sandesh for attempting to extort Rs 15 lakhs from a spa manager in Indiranagar. They threatened him with false accusations and used a WhatsApp group for coordination. Police are searching for other suspects, and further investigations are ongoing.

Indiranagar spa extortion case: Anchor Divya Vasanth absconds after scamming 100 people; FIR filed, 2 arrested vkp
First Published Jul 6, 2024, 11:24 AM IST

In a shocking turn of events, GB Nagar police have arrested two individuals, including Raj News CEO Rajanukunte Venkatesh, in connection with an attempted extortion case. The incident, involving threats to a spa manager in Indiranagar, has uncovered a larger network of alleged criminal activity.

Rajanukunte Venkatesh and news anchor Divya Vasanth's brother Sandesh were apprehended, and three mobile phones were seized from them. The police have also launched a manhunt for other presenters, Divya, Sachin, and Akash, who are currently missing.

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The plot came to light when Venkatesh's team tried to extort Rs 15 lakhs from Sivashanka, the manager of 'Tea Spa and Beauty Parlour on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. They threatened him with accusations of running a prostitution ring. Technical evidence led to the arrest of Venkatesh and Sandesh.

Venkatesh and Divya had created a WhatsApp group named 'Spy Research Team' to discuss their extortion plans. Sources revealed that this group was instrumental in coordinating their illicit activities. Divya, once a popular news presenter, left her job six months ago and gained fame through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Despite earning Rs 15,000 per month from her news channel job and additional income from a comedy show, she was lured by the prospects of easy money.

Before joining Raj News Channel, Venkatesh ran his own YouTube channel where he first introduced Divya. Their partnership turned criminal as they began extorting wealthy individuals, including doctors and massage parlour owners, by entrapping them in fabricated scandals. The duo is believed to have extorted over 100 people.

Investigations revealed that Venkatesh and Divya transferred extorted funds to their accounts, with transactions ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Police raided Divya's house in Laggere, seizing documents linked to the case. Divya fled with some belongings, including a camera and laptop, fearing arrest. Divya's mother, devastated by her daughter's involvement, visited the GB Nagar police station in tears. She claimed that Venkatesh had led Divya astray, exploiting her desire for a luxurious lifestyle.

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The extortion team had recruited a woman from a northeastern state to work at the Sri Spa and Beauty Parlor in Indiranagar. Sandesh, posing as a customer, was secretly filmed inside the spa using a hidden camera. Venkatesh then sent a reporter to the spa, demanding Rs 15 lakhs and later lowering it to Rs 8 lakhs, threatening to release the footage.

Unable to withstand the threats, the spa manager complained to the JB Nagar police. Through mobile call records, police traced the extortion activities to Venkatesh and Sandesh, leading to their arrests.

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