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Forest officials attempt to catch live Crocodile mistakening it for dead at Kali river; what happened next?

Forest personnel in Dandeli, Karnataka, were surprised when attempting to retrieve a presumed dead crocodile from the Kali River. After descending with a rope, the crew discovered the crocodile was alive, leading to a startling encounter. Fortunately, the reptile swam away without posing any threat, and all personnel returned safely. Crocodiles occasionally remain motionless, leading to such mistaken situations.

Forest officials attempt to catch live crocodile mistakening it for dead at Kali river; what happened next? vkp
First Published Jan 27, 2024, 9:48 AM IST

The forest personnel found themselves in an unexpected encounter when attempting to capture what they believed to be a dead crocodile. This incident took place along the Kali River in Dandeli, Uttara Kannada in Karnataka.

The sequence of events unfolded after someone alerted the forest staff about a crocodile spotted floating in the Kali River, presumed to be lifeless. Upon reaching the location, the personnel observed the lifeless body beneath the bridge. Subsequently, the deceased crocodile was carefully retrieved from the river.

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Three crew members descended into the river equipped with a rope, expecting to deal with a carcass. However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the crocodile, initially appearing lifeless, suddenly came to life as the staff approached and caught its tail. 

The personnel were taken aback by the realization that the crocodile was, in fact, alive. Fortunately, the reptile moved away without posing any threat, leaving the staff in shock. Despite the startling turn of events, all crew members safely returned from the operation. It is not uncommon for crocodiles to remain motionless and rest, leading to situations where they may be mistaken for being deceased. 

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