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'You don't choose me, I choose you': Internet reacts to Bengaluru man's coincidental encounter with Ola, Uber

In Bengaluru, a taxi customer, Shek, booked rides through both Ola and Uber only to find the same driver assigned for both journeys. Screenshots revealed the driver, Ananda S, with a white Toyota Etios. Users speculated on the driver's motives, with some praising his resourcefulness. Shek later shared a positive experience with Ananda, highlighting his attentiveness. 

'You don't choose me, I choose you': Internet reacts to Bengaluru man's coincidental encounter with Ola, Uber vkp
First Published Apr 9, 2024, 2:36 PM IST

A taxi customer in Bengaluru was taken aback when he booked rides through both Ola and Uber, only to find out that he had been assigned the same driver for both journeys. Sharing screenshots on social media platforms, the customer, known as Shek, expressed his disbelief at the unusual coincidence.

Shek's screenshots revealed that he had secured a trip with a white Toyota Etios, bearing the registration number KA03AH3126, driven by a driver named Ananda S, through both the Ola and Uber apps. This unexpected occurrence sparked a flurry of discussions online, with users speculating on the reasons behind such an anomaly.

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Some users suggested that the driver might be leveraging both applications to maximize his opportunities for rides, a common practice among cab drivers in the city. Others proposed the possibility that the driver intentionally accepted ride requests from both platforms, aiming to exploit cancellation fees from customers. Due to the lack of interoperability between Ola and Uber, drivers have the freedom to accept requests from both simultaneously, as pointed out by social media commentators.

While some attributed the incident to a potential technical glitch within the apps, others commended the driver for his dedication and resourcefulness in serving passengers efficiently. The incident quickly gained traction on social media, with users expressing their amusement at Bengaluru's unique taxi culture.

One viewer praised the driver's initiative, suggesting that he may be using multiple apps to optimize for the best fares. Another user highlighted the common practice among cab drivers to switch between apps based on pricing and incentives offered by each platform. According to them, drivers often prioritize rides from the app offering higher payouts.

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Updating his post later on, Shek shared his positive experience with the driver, Ananda, noting his attentiveness to passenger comfort. He mentioned that Ananda had intuitively switched off the air conditioning without being asked, earning him appreciation from Shek. The post garnered significant attention, with nearly two lakh people engaging with Shek's account.

This incident sheds light on the dynamic and competitive landscape of ride-hailing services in Bengaluru, where drivers employ various strategies to maximize their earnings and provide efficient service to passengers. While the double-booking phenomenon may seem unusual, it reflects the adaptability and ingenuity of drivers navigating the bustling streets of India's startup capital.

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