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'There’s no mistake in renaming Karnataka as Basavanna’s land': Kum. Veerabhadrappa

Kum. Veerabhadrappa supports renaming Karnataka as "Basavannanana Naadu" to honor its historical and cultural evolution. He suggests naming districts after prominent figures and opposes changing India's name. He disagrees with claims of religious targeting in the tiger claw case and advocates for wildlife protection, criticizing the use of sensitive matters for political gains.

'There's no mistake in renaming Karnataka as Basavanna's land': Kum. Veerabhadrappa vkp
First Published Oct 29, 2023, 12:47 PM IST

Kum. Veerabhadrappa expressed his views on the ongoing debate about renaming Karnataka and its districts. He believes that calling Karnataka the " Basavannanana Naadu (land of Basavanna)" is entirely appropriate. According to him, Karnataka has undergone significant changes, and given the state's historical and cultural evolution, it's not incorrect to associate it with Basavanna.

Veerabhadrappa highlighted the importance of the surrender movement in the state's history, emphasizing its significant contributions to the Kannada nation. He acknowledged the movement led by Sharans and Basavanna in the 12th century, stating that Patil's request for naming it "Basavanna's land" is justified and something he concurs with.

Karnataka govt suspends two forest officials for wearing tiger claw pendant

Furthermore, Veerabhadrappa suggested that several districts in Karnataka could be named after prominent figures based on their contributions. This practice has already been implemented in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He proposed district names like "Basavanna" for Vijayapur district, "Kuvempu" for Mysore, "Praudadevaraya" for Vijayanagar, "Bangara" for Kolar, "Hande Hanumappa Nayaka" for Bellary, and "D. R Bendre" for Dharwad, believing that this would enhance the dignity of the respective districts.

Karnataka govt suspends two forest officials for wearing tiger claw pendant

In the broader context, Veerabhadrappa spoke about the idea of changing India's name, stating that altering it from "India" is not advisable. He pointed out that India has become deeply ingrained in the lives of its people, and replacing the name given by the British colonial rulers would not bring any additional prestige to the central government. He noted that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's proposal for this change came after the opposition parties formed the Union of India, but he cautioned against using serious issues for political gain.

He also spoke about the tiger claw case and disagreed with MLA Arvind Bellad’s statement that Only Hindus are being targeted in the Tiger claw case. Veerabhadrappa supported the forest department's legal actions against those possessing tiger claws. He criticized individuals who exploit wildlife and disapproved of using sensitive matters for political purposes.

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