A BJP worker was publicly beaten on the street by few miscreants of the Trinamool Congress party. The victim is a former soldier. He was allegedly beaten by the miscreants of Trinamool party for supporting the BJP. There was a stir in the area due to this incident.

The shocking incident took place in Alamchak Belda village of Potashpur police station in East Midnapore. According to reports, the BJP worker, Ananta Maiti was returning from his brother's house on Sunday (September 13). While returning, few miscreants blocked his road.

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At first, a quarrel started between the BJP worker and the miscreants. Later, Ananta Maiti was allegedly beaten with bamboo sticks and iron rods. The family claimed that the former army worker was attacked by the Trinamool for supporting the BJP.

The family alleged that police were present at the spot of the incident but did not take any action. The BJP worker was brutally tortured by the miscreants of the Trinamool party in front of the police. Ananta Maiti has been admitted to the hospital with serious injuries.

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Due to the incident, political tension has begun in Potashpur area. However, the Trinamool claimed that the BJP had beaten up a Trinamool worker in the market area on Thursday (September 10).

The Trinamool party said, “The incident that took place on Sunday (September 13) as a result of dispute inside the BJP. We are not responsible for this incident.”

On the other hand, the BJP claims that the Trinamool wants to create an atmosphere of unrest and violence in the area.