An employee of the hospital was accused of harassing a female student after undergoing a COVID test. The shocking incident took place at Purulia Sadar Hospital. The accused hospital worker demanded Rs 7,000 from the student for the COVID test.

According to reports, a resident of Belguma area near Purulia town had a COVID test at the hospital. After the test, the report came negative. The student again did a COVID test to reconfirm. After this, the student was harassed by an employee of the hospital. The employee kept constantly calling and texting her from an unknown number.

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Hospital worker Rahul Banerjee demanded Rs 7,000 for the COVID test. He said that he paid the amount for her COVID test in the hospital. The accused Rahul demanded something else in exchange for money. Opposing this, the student came to the hospital and protested against Rahul Banerjee.

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The student complained that after the COVID test, Rahul started calling her every day. Not only that, after the second COVID test, Rahul asked her to come alone to collect the report. It is alleged that obscene comments were made by him while texting. The family members of the student got panicked after knowing the incident. The victim protested against the hospital worker. Although COVID test is free of cost at the government hospital, many hospital workers have demanded money from the people.