Kolkata: Many people in Aushgram complained that they did not get the government housing scheme grant money. Many job cards have also been cancelled. Therefore, people have become annoyed. Anubrata Mandal had to listen to these complaints from party booth level workers.

However, Anubrata did not get angry when he heard the complaints. He immediately called the BDO. He told the BDO from the public meeting to look into the matter of completing the road work quickly. It was no doubt that Mandalhad faced embarrassment in front of the media when his party workers made such complaints.

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On Sunday (September 6), a party booth-level workers conference was called on the grounds of Aushagram High School in three areas of Aushagram Block 1. On the same day, one of the party workers complained to Anubrata Mandal about not receiving the government housing scheme grant money and job card. The party workers made these complaints in front of everyone.

Anubrata asked him whether he had informed the BDO of the issue?

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Anubrata also said that the poor people will not be deprived of getting government grant money. He himself called the Aushagram Block 1 BDO and informed them about the whole incident.

A booth-level workers conference was called for in Berenda, Ukta , and Aushgram of Aushgram Block 1. State fisheries minister Chandranath Sinha arrived with Anubrata Mandal in this conference. Bolpur Lok Sabha MP Asit Mal was also present at the conference. On this day (September 6), Anubrata had to hear grievances of the workers of some areas.

When asked about the party's defeat in the last Lok Sabha polls at a booth in the village of Beluti in the Berenda region, one party worker said, “Several people did not receive the government housing scheme grants. Many people's job cards have been cancelled. We repeatedly complained to the chief and the regional president but never received an answer.”

Some workers of the party have also demanded the construction of toilets in houses, provision of drinking water, construction of bridges in the area, and construction of temples.

Anubrata Mandal told the news reporters that the Trinamool will win 220-230 seats in the state in the next Assembly Election.