Kolkata: Sankha Rajak would earn a living by working hard every day. Due to the lockdown, he has not been receiving work from any place. He earned only Rs 50 in 15 days. Sankha Rajak’s family is struggling to sustain during this situation. Living conditions have worsened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Trying to overcome this situation, another tragic incident took place. The dilapidated house of Sankha Rajak collapsed in the pouring rain.

Sankha Rajak is a resident of Nomopara village of Sindri gram panchayat in Bagmundi block of Purulia. His only dilapidated kutcha house collapsed in the pouring rain and he has no place to live now. He therefore appealed to the administration to build his house.

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Sankha Rajak said, “Around midnight, it was raining heavily outside. At that time, while sleeping, the house suddenly collapsed. Somehow, my family members were saved. Although, few have suffered minor injuries. I have informed the area panchayat member Ramhari Quiri about this incident.”

“I have earned only Rs 50 in 15 days. My family members have been suffering from fever for several days. I have no money to visit a doctor. I don’t know how I will build my house again,” he further said.

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Panchayat member Ramhari Quiri said, “Sankha Rajak's mud house had collapsed due to rain. The matter will be reported to Sindri Gram Panchayat and Bagmundi Block. I will ask the administration to build his house soon.”

Sankha Rajak’s family is going through the days with great difficulty. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all family members have lost their jobs. There is no source of income left. Family members are hoping for better days to come.