BJP MP Saumitra Khan on Tuesday (December 22) sent a divorce notice to his wife Sujata Mondal a day after she joined the Trinamool Congress.

Saumitra Khan's lawyer sent the mutual divorce notice to Sujata, where several marital issues were cited for seeking the separation.

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On Monday (December 21), when Sujata Mondal joined the Trinamool Congress, her husband Saumitra Khan threatened to divorce her.

After receiving the divorce notice, Sujata said, “I don't know why he is giving me a divorce notice. How my husband who is an MP of BJP and president of its Yuva Morcha was talking of giving me a divorce in an open press meet. This is the same party that is against Triple Talaq. And the MP of that party is giving me divorce only because I am changing my party.”

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Sujata Modal said that she still loves Saumitra and regards him as her husband, adding that she still wears 'Sindoor' of his name. 

After filing the divorce case, Saumitra Khan said, “I would request Sujata to refrain from using the ‘Khan’ surname hereafter. Please don’t refer to yourself as Saumitra Khan’s wife. I am giving you all the freedom to do anything you like. But please don’t forget you are siding with those who had attacked your parents’ residence in 2019 after I joined the BJP.”