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Karnataka: MP Ananth Kumar Hegde slams CM Siddaramaiah for using Tippu Sultan’s name in politics

Uttara Kannada MP Ananth Kumar Hegde fiercely criticized CM Siddaramaiah for exploiting Tipu Sultan's name, challenged the Congress to hinder the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra, and dismissed free schemes as hindering development. He supported BJP's prospects in Karnataka, condemned opposition to regional projects, expressed concern over environmental impacts, and hailed the Ram Mandir as a triumph for Hindu society.

Karnataka: MP Ananth Kumar Hegde slams CM Siddaramaiah for using Tippu Sultan's name in politics vkp
First Published Dec 25, 2023, 2:44 PM IST

In a fiery address to journalists, Uttara Kannada MP Ananth Kumar Hegde launched scathing criticisms against Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, accusing him of exploiting Tippu Sultan's name for political mileage and challenging the opposition to thwart the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra in India.

Hegde vehemently challenged the Congress and Siddaramaiah, urging them to impede the evolution of India into a Hindu nation if they possessed the strength exhibited in their stance against the hijab.

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Expressing disdain towards Congress, Hegde asserted that the party has consistently neglected the interests of the majority and relied solely on favouritism politics, heavily reliant on minority votes for survival. Criticizing Siddaramaiah's stance on allowing unrestricted attire choices, Hegde warned of future complications, lambasting the CM for engaging in politics by invoking the name of Tipu Sultan, a historical figure whose legacy remains a contentious subject.

Reflecting on BJP's prospects in Karnataka, Hegde confidently predicted a promising future for the party, dismissing Siddaramaiah's governance as impermanent and emphasizing the incapacity of an anti-Hindu government to thrive in the state. Hegde condemned what he deemed as detrimental free schemes imposed by those lacking financial acumen, asserting that such initiatives hindered developmental progress, resulting in a scarcity of funds for essential projects.

Addressing opposition to development initiatives in the district, Hegde criticized those resisting projects beneficial to the region's advancement, citing objections to port and national highway developments. While acknowledging the potential environmental impact of the Hubli-Ankola railway line on dense forests, Hegde emphasized the need for prioritizing district necessities over economic ambitions, expressing concern over the sacrifice of rainforests for progress.

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Highlighting the significance of the Ram Mandir construction, Hegde hailed it as a monumental triumph for Hindu society, honouring the sacrifices made by millions over centuries and showcasing the resilience of the Hindu community.

The outspoken MP criticized Siddaramaiah for alleged political exploitation, advocating for a focus on the district's genuine needs over contentious projects, and championing the spirit of Hindu society through the Ram Mandir's construction.

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