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Diwali 2023: State-wise rules for bursting firecrackers amid environmental concerns

Explore the state-wise regulations on firecrackers for Diwali 2023, including bans, relaxations, and specific rules, in the context of environmental concerns and public health.

Diwali 2023: State-wise rules for bursting firecrackers amid environmental concerns snt
First Published Nov 11, 2023, 1:00 PM IST

While Diwali traditionally evokes images of vibrant rangoli colors, jubilant celebrations, and the cheerful echoes of firecrackers, recent years have seen authorities enforce bans on fireworks due to escalating air pollution concerns. In a continuation of this trend, the Supreme Court reiterated a ban on firecrackers for Diwali, specifically targeting those filled with barred substances like barium and other prohibited chemicals. Following this directive, state governments nationwide opted to grant certain relaxations on Diwali day but with clear specifications on the permitted types of firecrackers.

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Here's a look at state-wise rules on firecrackers for Diwali 2023:


The Delhi government has imposed a ban on the manufacturing, storage, sale, and bursting of firecrackers, including green ones, within the city until January 1, 2024, aiming to control pollution levels during the winter. In a recent incident, the police seized 40 kg of firecrackers and arrested an individual from the Kotla Mubarakpur area in south Delhi.

Uttar Pradesh

In Noida and Ghaziabad, cities near the national capital Delhi, the police have implemented a ban on the sale of firecrackers. The state government has specified that permission to sell green crackers will only be granted if the air quality index (AQI) registers at a satisfactory level.


In Punjab, under the Bhagwant Maan government, the sale and detonation of green firecrackers are permitted during the festival season, commencing with Diwali. Environment Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer specified that on Diwali, the bursting of green firecrackers is allowed between 8 pm to 10 pm. On Guruparv, devotees can burst crackers from 4 am to 5 am and 9 pm to 10 pm. The order extends permission for firecrackers on Christmas Eve from 11.55 pm to 12.30 am, and the same rule applies to New Year's Eve. Additionally, the minister highlighted the prohibition of chorsa garland firecrackers and the online sale of all crackers.

Jammu and Kashmir

The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has immediately prohibited the sale and use of firecrackers within a five-kilometer radius of the International Border (IB) and Line of Control (LOC).

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The state of Maharashtra does not have a ban on bursting firecrackers. As per the directive from the Bombay High Court, there is permission to burst firecrackers for a span of three hours, specifically from 7 pm to 10 pm on the day of Diwali.


The Hyderabad Police, under the order of Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya, has permitted the bursting of firecrackers exclusively for two hours on Diwali day. The directive specifies that the noise level generated by firecrackers during this period must adhere to the permissible limit. These restrictions will be enforced from 6 am on November 12 (Sunday) and will persist until 6 am on November 15.

Tamil Nadu

The state government of Tamil Nadu has granted permission for the bursting of green crackers on the day of Diwali. Firecracker manufacturers in Sivakasi, acknowledged as the fireworks capital of India, have transitioned to producing green crackers. This shift aims to avoid the use of barium chloride, adhering to a formula approved by the Supreme Court. Despite this positive move, a challenge remains in regulating the unorganized sector.

West Bengal

The West Bengal state government has permitted the sale exclusively of green firecrackers. Additionally, there is a designated two-hour window from 8 pm to 10 pm on Diwali and 6 am to 8 am on Chhath Puja for bursting green crackers. The window for celebrating with green crackers on Christmas and New Year's Eve is limited to 35 minutes, from 11:55 pm to 12:30 am.


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