Following the investigation into the Sarada chit fund scam case, the CBI has again appealed to the Supreme Court for re-interrogation of Former police commissioner Rajiv Kumar.

According to sources, a copy of the CBI's application has already reached Rajiv Kumar. Investigators claim that a hearing could be held as soon as the Supreme Court reopens after the Christmas holidays. However, not only the interrogation but also another contempt of court case against Rajiv has been requested for a fresh hearing. 

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The investigation of the Sarada chit fund scam case is going on under the direction of the Supreme Court. The CBI had earlier alleged that several IPS officers, including Rajiv Kumar and Murlidhar Sharma, had obstructed the investigation instead of cooperating. 

The contempt case was filed after CBI raided Rajiv Kumar’s house. The investigating agency has asked for a new hearing. The investigating agency claimed that Rajiv Kumar was in charge of monitoring the proceedings of the seat formed to investigate the Sarada chit fund scam case. After searching Rajiv’s office and various places, a diary and cash book were recovered. However, Rajib did not hand over the diary to the CBI. 

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It is being speculated the names of influential people were written in the diary. Therefore, if a new application is approved, more than one new piece of information may come up in the interrogation.