Cardiac Specialist Devi Shetty came to Kolkata to treat Indian cricket board chief Sourav Ganguly. He arrived in Kolkata on a special chartered flight from Bangalore on Tuesday (January 5) morning. 

Today, Dr. Devi Shetty will look into all the health issues of Sourav Ganguly. On Monday (January 4), however, cardiologist Devi Shetty spoke to Sourav via video conference. Probably, Sourav will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow after the advice of Devi Shetty today.

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According to sources, the nine-member medical board set up for Sourav Ganguly is now meeting to brief the visiting cardiac specialist who has already reached the hospital at South Kolkata. Angioplasty was done on Sourav Ganguly immediately after his admission for a blocked artery. 

However, Dr Devi Shetty will decide when the next two stents will be put on Sourav Ganguly’s heart. After examining everything, Dr Shetty will give permission for releasing Sourav Ganguly from the hospital.

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However, Sourav Ganguly’s physical condition is now completely stable. Blood pressure is also completely controlled. There is no feeling of pain or discomfort in his chest now. He had a good sleep last night and ate breakfast in the morning. All parameters of his health are working fine. Sourav Ganguly’s fans are waiting for their star to return home fit and fine.