The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday (December 1) directed the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India to do an audit of the distribution of Amphan relief materials in West Bengal.

The high court has directed the CAG to do both financial audit and performance-based audit of the distribution of relief and compensation after cyclone Amphan hit the state in May this year. The court also directed to submit the report within three months.

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The case was filed in August by advocate Shamim Ahmed on behalf of two farmers’ organisations in south Bengal. At least five cases were filed in connection with corruption charges. The high court was hearing all the cases.

Disastrous cyclone Amphan hit a large part of south Bengal on May 20, killing nearly 100 people and damaging more than a million houses and agricultural lands. The Bengal government had announced a relief package of Rs 6,250 crore, while the Centre had announced a relief package of Rs 1,500 crore.

The division bench said in its order, “We leave it open to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India and its office to take a comprehensive look at all the issues and carry out such audit, as is found necessary, to ensure that there are performance audit and financial audit of the Amphan related issues.”

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Disposing of the PILs, the court requested the CAG to conclude the exercise within three months from the date of receipt of a copy of the order.

The bench directed that it will be open to the CAG and its office to issue such directions, as may be found necessary, to any authority to ensure that the result of the audit is carried out to its hilt to ensure that no funds are abused in the name of Amphan.