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BOLD predictions of 'New Nostradamus': Pakistan will merge with India; Delhi-Russia ties to end (WATCH)

One of the most striking predictions of Craig Hamilton-Parker is the possibility of India and Pakistan becoming friends in the long-term, with the latter eventually merging with India.

BOLD predictions of 'New Nostradamus': Pakistan will merge with India; Delhi-Russia ties to end (WATCH) snt
First Published Nov 7, 2023, 6:20 PM IST

In a world where predictions often captivate our imagination, one man has garnered attention for his foresight. Craig Hamilton-Parker, often referred to as the "New Nostradamus," has shared his insights into India's future, offering a glimpse into what may lie ahead for the country in the year 2024 and beyond. One of the most striking predictions of the UK psychic is the possibility of India and Pakistan becoming friends again, with the latter eventually merging with India.

Here's a deep dive into the 'New Nostradamus' predictions for 2024 and beyond.

Weather Disasters and India's Expanding Borders

Craig Hamilton-Parker's predictions touch on a wide range of topics, and one of his visions revolves around India's destiny. He foresees a future where India's borders will expand, making it one of the world's dominant nations. While the exact timeline remains uncertain, this expansion is anticipated to have a profound and positive impact on the world. "In the far future, India will expand its borders and will be one of the dominant countries in thw world with a very positive effect upon the world's future," he said in his YouTube channel.

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Changing Geopolitical Alliances

One striking prediction is India's shift in geopolitical alliances. Historically, India has shared a close friendship with Russia, but according to Hamilton-Parker, this enduring relationship is destined to change. As Russia deepens its ties with China, India is expected to pivot towards strengthening its connections with the United States and Britain. This shift in alliances could also affect the arms trade, with India potentially seeking alternative sources for its weaponry.

"India will break its ties with Russia. There has been a long-term friendship between India and Russia. With the growing friendship between Russia and China is against India's interests. So, I am seeing India breaking from Russia. It will establish stronger relations with America, with Britain and it will buy its arms away from Russia," he predicted.

Tensions with China, Russia, and Pakistan

Hamilton-Parker's insights point to an escalating political argument between India and Pakistan in 2024, driven by territorial disputes and geopolitical rivalries. While a full-scale war is not predicted, significant tensions are anticipated. These disputes may lead to a strained relationship between India and Russia, due to Russia's alignment with Pakistan in the midst of these conflicts.

He stated, "India will come to blows with China and Russia over Pakistan. It is going to start as a political argument. I think there's going to be a great deal of argument in 2024 between India and Pakistan. I can't see a full war happening there but there is going to be major disputes. There's going to be a breaking between India and Russia because of this."

A Helping Hand to Pakistan

In the midst of India-Pakistan political tensions, a prediction foresees a significant flood in Pakistan. While the timing remains uncertain, the vision suggests a massive flood event in the future. During this time, India is expected to offer humanitarian assistance to its neighboring nation. This could potentially pave the way for a thaw in political relations and create opportunities for the two countries to rebuild trust.

"Coming back to the Pakistan thing, there's going to be a big flood in Pakistan. I've mentioned before in my environmental predictions. I am not quite sure when it's going to be. There's going to be a huge one one day in Pakistan. But I sense it could be one in 2024 and India helps, India offers aid. Although this conflict on a political level, its like something happens where India can almost offer a hand of help," the New Nostradamus predicted.

Long-Term Reconciliation

Looking further into the future, Craig Hamilton-Parker envisions a time when India and Pakistan will rekindle their friendship. In the grand tapestry of these predictions, a harmonious merger between the two nations is a possibility, symbolizing a future of unity and collaboration in the Indian subcontinent.

"Long term, India and Pakistan will become friends again and ultimately I see Pakistan merging with India," he boldly predicted.

Innovations and Progress

India is envisioned as a hub of innovation and progress. Hamilton-Parker's predictions hint at groundbreaking inventions and solutions in the field of renewable energy, particularly solar power. India is set to explore new frontiers in energy generation, reducing its dependence on traditional fossil fuels as the world looks to transition back to them.

He predicted, "I see coming out of India too as a new invention or some new sort of way dealing with solar power. An innovation in these areas. A non-dependence on oil. As the world starts to turn back towards oil, I see India beginning to come up with new ways of dealing with it. A new kind of IT discovery. India comes up with a new way of doing it."

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Modi will be reelected in 2024

Moreover, India's political landscape is expected to undergo a transformation. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to the predictions, will continue to lead the nation and undertake substantial efforts to modernize the government. These initiatives will aim to root out corruption within government bodies and the police force, promoting a more transparent and accountable system.

"I see Modi still in power so he would be re-elected. I see Modi undertake moves to modernise India's government too. It's a big move to strip out corruption in government and police forces," he predicted.

Craig Hamilton-Parker's predictions provide a thought-provoking glimpse into the potential trajectories of India's future. While the accuracy of these visions remains uncertain, they serve as a reminder of the ever-changing dynamics of the world and the role India may play on the global stage in the years to come.

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