Kolkata: The body of a suspected COVID-19 patient has been lying in the hospital for two days. As soon as the news came out, chaos erupted in Kanthi Hospital of East Midnapore. However, hospital authorities have denied allegations.

The body of a suspected COVID-19 patient lying in the hospital has caused widespread panic among other patients. The incident took place at Kanthi Sub-Divisional Hospital. The body of the person was taken by the administration for burial soon after the delay was reported. The incident has created an atmosphere of panic in the premises of Kanthi Sub-Divisional Hospital.

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According to reports, a man named Utpal Giri died of COVID-19 in Marishada police station area of Kanthi third block. The man was an employee of a clothing store in Kanthi. A few days ago, he developed COVID-19 symptoms. The family members took him to Kanthi Sub-Divisional Hospital. He was treated in hospital. His saliva samples were collected and given for COVID-19 testing. The man died at the hospital before the reports could arrive.

Reports showed that the man was not COVID-19 positive.

Hospital authorities wrapped the body in a PPE suit and had kept it in the hospital bed. Other patients on the beds beside him were still being treated. Patients as well as family members panicked after the incident was reported. As soon as the news came out, hospital authorities became restless. They immediately took the body of the man from the hospital to the burial ground.

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Patients at the hospital complained that the body was wrapped with PPE suits and kept on the hospital bed for two days. They were panicked and scared after watching such a terrible incident occurring inside the hospital.

In this regard, Sabyasachi Chakraborty of Kanthi Sub-Divisional Hospital said, “The body of the patient could not be handed over to the family due to the COVID-19 situation. Again, it cannot be kept in the hospital morgue. After the man died, he was wrapped in the PPE suit, and police were informed about this incident. The police came and took the body for burial. These allegations are not true.”