Chinese military aggression has hit the eastern Ladakh border to some extent. China is not looking at repeating its mistakes again. One of the top officials of Indian administration has also shown similar thoughts because Beijing has already deployed large numbers of troops in at least four places across the Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh. According to sources, weapons were also being stockpiled in those areas.

A source said that China had stopped the Red Army's aggression in the Rezang La, Rechon La area. The Xi Jinping administration cannot accept that fact. Therefore, China's eye is on Arunachal Pradesh. China has been waiting to capture India's Arunachal Pradesh.

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According to an army official, troops have been deployed in Chinese territory about 20 km across the Arunachal Pradesh border. Those areas are located on the opposite side of Ashafila, Tuiting Axis, Chang Tage, and Fishten-2 sectors.

According to sources, China may launch an attack on India from those areas. The focus is on occupying strategic high places in several areas. Indian troops in charge of the affected areas have already been warned to thwart that attempt by the Chinese army. At the same time, the number of soldiers has also been increased.

A source said that the Chinese army's activities have increased only 20 km from the border of Arunachal Pradesh. Regular Chinese troops have been seen patrolling. It is also known that the Red Army is patrolling in many areas very close to the Indian territory.

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From the time of the Dokalam conflict, it became clear that China was keeping an eye on the Siliguri corridor. Therefore, China has started using their land without informing Bhutan. Members of the People's Liberation Army has also built roads on the banks of the Jhanjhiri River. for this reason, China is desperately trying to build strongholds in the Arunachal Pradesh area.

According to military sources, China has lagged behind the Indian forces in terms of strategic position in Ladakh. Over the last month, Indian troops have been gradually increasing their strength in the East Ladakh sector.