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'It's just plain luck': Tourists' close encounter with elephant on Bandipur-Wayanad Highway (WATCH)

Tourists narrowly escape a wild elephant encounter on National Highway 766 near Bandipur National Park, as captured in a viral video. The incident sparks discussions about the need for stricter regulations in forest areas and prompts social media users to emphasize the dangers of interacting with wildlife.

'It's just plain luck': Tourists' close encounter with elephant on Bandipur-Wayanad Highway (WATCH) vkp
First Published Feb 2, 2024, 9:29 AM IST

In a heart-stopping incident on National Highway 766, cutting through Bandipur National Park, two tourists narrowly avoided a wild elephant encounter. The dramatic event, captured in a widely shared video by a resident from Wayanad, highlights the risks of getting too close to wildlife.

The tense situation unfolded near the Kerala border in Abballa, about 10 km from the state boundary, according to Dinesh Kumar, the Wayanad Wildlife Warden. Despite the potential dangers, the tourists left their vehicles to photograph the elephant, leading to a dangerous situation.

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The video, filmed by Wayanad local, documents the moment when one of the men slips and falls near the road. As the elephant approaches, it attempts to kick the fallen man with both its foreleg and hind legs. Fortunately, the person manages to escape both kicks, stumbling to safety just in time.

Savad, who was in the vehicle with his family, shared the harrowing experience, saying, "We sped away as our family members were very much shocked." The tourists, visibly shaken by the incident, had a fortunate escape, avoiding potential injury.

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This incident has sparked discussions about the necessity for stricter regulations in forest areas to protect both wildlife and tourists. Social media users have voiced concerns, with many criticizing the tourists for leaving the safety of their vehicles in a forest region known for unpredictable wildlife.

Social media reactions ranged from relief that the individuals involved survived to stern warnings about the perils of interacting with wildlife. One user remarked, "The person is very lucky to have survived the Elephant attack at Bandipur-Wayanad Tiger Reserve," while another noted, "If you play with wildlife, you do not stand a chance. It's just luck that he survived."

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