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Trying to conceive? Tips and facts to increase fertility and get pregnant soon

 If you are planning to get pregnant, you might want to read this. Here are few tips that will help you conceive. Tips and facts to increase fertility

Trying to conceive? Tips and facts to increase fertility and get pregnant soon RCB
Bangalore, First Published May 30, 2021, 12:08 PM IST
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Do you want to conceive? Do you want to welcome a child soon? For some, just a couple of tries might work. For some, it may take some time—a lot of it. Don’t lose hope.

Well, I know having a baby is a huge responsibility, and you should do it only when you are ready, but in case a baby fits right into your plans, you can follow these tips and tricks to conceive:

So, how do you predict the best time of the month to conceive?
Usually, the best way to conceive is having sex regularly during a window of five days before and after you ovulate. Ovulation is the period when the ovaries release the egg to be fertilized. Sperms are expected to be alive inside our bodies for up to 5 days. So this window is the time you have the maximum chances to conceive. Typically, though not for all, women ovulation starts from about the 14-day mark in a 28-day cycle. However, it can be four days before and after the mid-point of their cycle for most women.

To predict your cycle even more accurately, you should listen to your body. Try and notice these changes to know your exact period of ovulation:

Notice your vaginal secretions: Right before our bodies ovulate, there is an increase in a clear, wet and stringy vaginal discharge. Just after ovulation, the discharges become cloudy and thicker and a lot less noticeable.

The changes in your body's basal temperature: Basal temperature is the temperature of your body at rest and that increases slightly during ovulation. The best way to note this is to buy a basal body thermometer and note your temperature every morning before you get out of bed. As you record the temperature, you will surely notice a pattern. You are the most fertile 2-3 days before your temperature starts to rise. 

Ovulation Kits: These are available at your local pharmacist. These kits test your urine to check for a surge in hormones that usually happen before ovulation to help you identify your ovulation period.

How can you maximize your fertility?
Have sex frequently: Not only does this improve your mood, but it will also maximize your chances of conception. Start by having sex two to three times per week as soon as your cycle ends. This will ensure you have sex when you’re at the peak of your fertility.

Watch your weight: A healthy BMI will only increase your chances of conception. Being over or underweight can increase your risk for ovulation disorders.

Additionally, you can also consult a gynaecologist for better guidance to improve your chances. They may prescribe medicines like folic acid or multivitamins based on your specific body needs.

Stay clear of these if you want to get pregnant:
 Not just your general health, tobacco also reduced fertility and may also harm the health of your foetus. So, quit before you conceive.
Alcohol: Hard drinks may reduce your fertility, so it's best to avoid them while trying to conceive.
Caffeine: Cut the coffee. Of course, not entirely is needed, but one must not consume more than 200 milligrams of coffee per day. 
Strenuous exercises: Don’t overdo your time at the gym. Too stressful exercise has been often associated with decreased ovulation.

When to visit your doctor:
The most couple can conceive within a year. But if you don’t, you may want to consult a specialist. Moreover, if you are over 35, or you or your partner have any other health issues, it is best to take the help of a doctor to plan this journey out.  

Don’t lose hope. There are many ways to welcome a child into your lives. The world is limitless, and so are your options. 

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