Bengaluru: While the office environment is not a place that falls directly under your control, you still have a say when it comes to keeping the work space mosquito-free.

Here are three ways to keep mosquitoes away from your office:

Fix the leaks:

Mosquitoes thrive in water. If there is any area that gives way to stagnant water, it needs to be cleared immediately.

It could even be a slightly damp area, but that is sufficient for mosquitoes to multiply and make the place unhygienic. Moreover these mosquitoes can spread diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc.

The only way to end the menace would be to identify all the leaks in the office and get it fixed by a plumber.

Dehumidify areas:

Mosquitoes need moisture to live and breed. That is why they are found in damp areas.

If you have any rooms or areas in your office that feel hotter, damper, or more humid than the rest of the building, chances are that’s where the mosquitoes are coming from.

You can consider investing in a portable dehumidifier for your personal office or work area. If your area isn’t the problem, talk to a supervisor about getting a dehumidifier for your office.

Lookout for food kept uncovered:

If you or your co-workers leave any food items, including fruits, in the open, it is more than enough to attract mosquitoes. The insects are attracted to food as they are attracted to water.

All that needs to be done is that you need to keep all the food items in the office covered. Do not leave wastebaskets open in the night.

Keep the office clean.