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108 Ambulance is the Most Reliable Emergency Services operated by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd

Five significant reasons for the free 108 Ambulance service operated by Ziqitza Healthcare is being recognized as highly reliable.

108 Ambulance is the Most Reliable Emergency Services operated by Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd-vpn
Bengaluru, First Published Nov 30, 2021, 5:08 PM IST

A 2018 report released by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, an esteemed wing of the UN Office of Disaster Risk Reduction, a total of 6,873 natural disasters claimed 1.35 million lives, leaving 218 million injured all over the world, in the 20-year period from 1994 to 2013. As per the data released by the Indian Government in 2018, road accidents were recorded to be another leading cause for medical emergencies claiming 16 lives per hour and 1.4 lakh lives a year. Such statistics throw light on the grave heinousness with which emergencies, both natural and man-made cause damage.

Given the scenario, Dr. Santosh Datar – Medical Director at Ziqitza Healthcare, says organizations providing emergency medical care have a huge role in mitigating the loss. Ziqitza Health Care Ltd. (ZHL), an organization in Public-Private Partnership with the Indian Government, provides ambulances with state-of-the-art technological equipment and well-trained paramedics for patients in need of emergency response medical service, across multiple states in India. It strives to provide international standards of emergency medical care by facilitating helpline number 108 in multiple states in India. 

Here are five more significant reasons for the free 108 Ambulance service operated by Ziqitza Healthcare being recognized as highly reliable:

Standardized Protocols: Due to its PPP model, protocols followed by 108 are standardized across all states in India, resulting in consistent commitment and proficiency. After a person calls the National Ambulance Number 108, he/she is connected with the operator. Once the operator understands the details of the emergency, he/she has the provision to connect with a specialized doctor or police personnel, in case of necessary assistance. Once intricacies are noted, the operator deploys the nearest ambulance operated and managed by Ziqitza to the person in need so that immediate transportation of the person can be done.

Free of cost: The ZHL operated 108 Ambulances are equipped with necessary apparatus and trained staff so that specialized care can be provided for a diverse range of emergencies as prescribed by the respective state governments. It brings high-end ambulances to the service of people with all socio-economic backgrounds due to its provision of free-of-cost.

Trained Staff: Paramedics require training in order to provide basic and advanced care during trauma, respiratory, cardiac, diabetic, allergic, and/or accident related emergencies. They also need to have the necessary skills for assisting childbirth. In addition, paramedics need to be equipped with emotional strength so that they can provide care for long hours without undergoing stress. The paramedics at Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd are certified by international institutions and are trained rigorously so that they can serve patients with consistent and impeccable quality of care.

World-class Equipment: In addition to the Basic Life Support (BLS) apparatus utilized for pain relief, glucose induction and other medical procedures, the 108 ambulances by ZHL are equipped with Advanced Life Support(ALS) that provide advanced quality oxygen cylinders, electrocardiography (ECG) machine, to name a few.

Quick Response: Armed with first-class GPS technology, Ziqitza Limited operators have the provision to track the ambulance nearest to the person that is facing an emergency. This ensures that an ambulance is deployed almost instantaneously to the site of the emergency. 108’s GPS technology plays a crucial role in its timely response and efficient care.

Mr. Chandan Datta, Head of Government Business - Ziqitza Healthcare Ltd, further says thatit has taken almost 2 decades for Ziqitza to build operational efficiency, training expertise and technological infrastructure to ensure the service delivery for 108 is not impacted. In fact, over 98% the users of this services have shown immense trust and satisfaction across India. We at Ziqitza Limited pride in the fact that we have been able to serve millions of people through this initiative with utmost care.

Ziqitza Healthcare has successfully served over 42 Million patients across India in the last decade, elevating its position as an industry leader. Today, ZHL is not only recognized by the Indian Government, but also by several international institutions for its reliable services in the emergency medical field. Remember to call 108 during a medical emergency for an Ambulance. Come join our cause in helping people get access to basic emergency healthcare facilities. Ziqitza Rajasthan has managed government project of Dial 108 in the past.

About Ziqitza Healthcare Limited

Ziqitza Healthcare Limited (ZHL) is the leading provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in India since 2005. Our clients include hospitals, the Government and corporate clients in India & Gulf for varied EMS requirements like Ambulances, Medical Mobile units, telemedicine, and helplines. ZHL Rajasthan & Ziqitza limited Rajasthan also have appreciate Dr. Datar & his team at Ziqitza Healthcare ltd for the observations made for the awareness on 108 Ambulance in India. We are committed to saving lives. We do this by understanding our customers’ needs and providing the best possible solutions irrespective of their location or income. The company engages over 39,000+ ambulance network in India with services available in 750+ cities.

Ziqitza ’s focus on the vision of Saving & Enhancing Lives has helped save more than 42 million lives, and has transferred 2.5 lac corona patients and handled over 2 million telehealth calls. World Economic Forum has recognized Ziqitza as one of India’s Top 50 covid-19 last mile responders to the pandemic. 

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