After Bengaluru’s Hoskote Dum Biryani witnessed a long queue of biryani lovers, a new biryani is making news for all the wrong reasons. Rosogolla Biryani has now come to the forefront.

A food blogger named Luna Chaterjee has recently shared a video of this bizarre biryani combination on Instagram. The video shows rosogolla on biryani rice.

The food blogger shared a video of the biryani and asked the viewers to guess what the white coloured-blob on top of the biryani was? Before anybody could wrap their mind around it, the blogger revealed it was rosogolla.

Netizens are blaming the year 2020 for these wacky food experiments and are calling it as 'the year of bizarre food’.

The rosogolla biryani video went viral as soon as it was posted with thousands of irked users criticizing this food experiment with comments like "Please stop messing around with such delicious food”, "I'll home deliver it back with no respect. This is a crime".

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While many criticised the blogger, a few supported her and commented in support of the new taste.

According to few netizens this biryani is different in appearance itself and it is a must try and an innovative idea.