Watch: Singer Yesudas deletes selfie shot by fan without his permission

entertainment | 05 May 2018 6:21 AM (UTC)
Richa Barua

Legendary playback singer Yesudas was recently seen deleting a selfie taken by a fan with him when he was leaving the hotel in Delhi to take part in the 65th National Film Awards ceremony.   

This incident happened when the singer was trying to walk through a swarm of media persons who approached him for his interview and click his pictures. A young fan, however, managed to click a selfie. 

The act of the youth didn’t go down well with the legendary vocalist and he immediately pushed away the fan’s hand. Soon, he asked the person who took the selfie to delete his picture. Visibly furious, he then went on to take the phone from the youngster’s hand and deleted the picture himself. 


Lohit Chandran, founder and writer, Humans of Kochi, expressed his views on the above event, "Actually when I saw Yesudas deleting the selfie which was taken without his permission, I didn't feel what he did was wrong. It is a matter of decency and etiquette to ask permission while taking a selfie with someone - not just with celebrities, but with anyone whom you wish to take it with. There is something called "personal space" which we Indians give grass value." (SIC)



On the other hand, netizens didn't like the way he treats his fan and also that he refused to join the artistes in boycotting the National Film Awards function which added fuel to the fire.

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  • Padma Ramani Manikantan
    2018-5-8 | 02:47:17
    He has the right to decide on the use of his image. The Fan's action is analogous to eating from someone's plate without their permission.
  • Unnikrishnan T Nair
    2018-5-6 | 12:36:18
    On both counts,Shri Yesudas is absolutely right.I guess he would not have objected as well if the fan requested for a selfie.We have got to develop a sense of respecting privacy n also exhibit decenct behaviour.Press photography and trying to take a selfie with a dignitary on the sly are two different matters. Unnikrishnan T Nair
  • Suresh Iyer
    2018-5-6 | 05:11:29
    Agreed that the fan has done the wrong thing by taking selfie without the permission of Jesudas but the way of reprimanding the fan by catching the camera and deleting it compulsorily shows the arrogance and rudeness. What the press is not taking photographs are they asking the individual artiste?