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'Purists or orthodox will oppose', Srijit Mukherjee on reviving Uttam Kumar for 'Oti Uttam'; Read on

Filmmaker Srijit Mukherji uses AI to resurrect Bengali legend Uttam Kumar in 'Oti Uttam'. Despite risks and potential resistance, he pushes boundaries, embracing innovation in cinema. The film, released in March 2024, marks a milestone in Bengali cinema's history

Purists or orthodox will oppose', Srijit Mukherjee on reviving Uttam Kumar for 'Oti Uttam'; Read on ATG
First Published Apr 22, 2024, 5:18 PM IST

Filmmaker Srijit Mukherji has made waves with his latest film, 'Oti Uttam,' which marks the return of the legendary Bengali actor Uttam Kumar to the screen after 42 years, thanks to the power of artificial intelligence (AI). In an exclusive interview with, Mukherji shared his inspiration behind the project and shed light on the technical challenges involved.

Mukherji revealed that the idea to resurrect Uttam Kumar through AI came to him after years of being asked how he would have cast the iconic actor if he were alive today. Determined to explore the possibility, Mukherji embarked on the ambitious project, acknowledging the risks involved in bringing back such a revered figure in Bengali cinema.

Describing the meticulous process behind the film, Mukherji explained how he painstakingly crafted an unconditional script assuming Uttam Kumar's presence and meticulously sourced dialogue, reactions, and movements from the actor's extensive filmography. This involved sifting through 51 films to ensure authenticity in every aspect of Uttam Kumar's portrayal.

Furthermore, Mukherji detailed the challenges of obtaining rights to the film clippings and orchestrating live editing during the shoot to seamlessly integrate archival footage with new performances. He also addressed the complexities of audio restoration, utilizing AI to enhance and recreate the sound quality of certain scenes.

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While acknowledging potential resistance from traditionalists and purists, Mukherji emphasized the importance of pushing boundaries in filmmaking and embracing innovation. He firmly believes that technology should not be hindered by opposition but rather encouraged to propel storytelling forward.

'Oti Uttam' was released in March 2024, marking a significant milestone in Bengali cinema and showcasing the power of AI in reviving cultural icons for contemporary audiences.

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