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Dwayne Johnson transforms into 'Pink Panther' as daughters playfully paint his face before a zoom meeting

Dwayne Johnson, "The Rock," embraces a playful makeover by his daughters, leading to a canceled Zoom meeting and lipstick-stained laughter

Dwayne Johnson transforms into 'Pink Panther' as daughters playfully paint his face before a zoom meeting ATG
First Published Sep 12, 2023, 6:19 PM IST

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, showcased his softer side as a loving father to his daughters, Jasmine and Tiana, in a heartwarming and comical incident that unfolded just moments before a crucial Zoom meeting.

On a sunny Saturday, Dwayne Johnson found himself in an unexpected predicament, he was about to become a canvas for his daughters' artistic ambitions. Ten minutes before his scheduled Zoom meeting, his two adorable daughters, Jasmine and Tiana, approached him with an amusing request—they wanted to give their beloved daddy a makeover. Dwayne, known for his strong and tough persona, agreed to their whimsical request but with one condition—it had to be a quick affair.


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The transformation that followed was nothing short of hilarious. Dwayne Johnson, a professional wrestler and fitness enthusiast, found himself with his face entirely coated in baby pink lipstick while engaging in a delightful conversation with his enthusiastic daughters. Laughter, giggles, and excitement filled the room as one of them playfully suggested that he now resembled a girl. The other rushed to fetch more beauty tools, including the possibility of using a makeup blender, all in good fun. The playtime with his daughters turned out to be so engaging that it led to the cancellation of his important Zoom meeting.

Dwayne shared the video of this unforgettable moment with a touch of humor, recounting the charming conversation with his daughters. Initially, he resisted, saying, "Daddy, can we give you a makeover?" His response was, "No, baby, Daddy has a Zoom meeting in 10 minutes." However, the persuasive charm of his daughters eventually won him over as they pleaded, "Please, it'll be quick!" Dwayne finally agreed, but not without a playful twist, saying, "Make it quick, but only do my nails and make me look handsome."

After the fun and laughter subsided, Dwayne Johnson faced the challenge of removing the lipstick that had stained his skin during the makeover. It took him a whole hour to scrub it off. Despite the minor inconvenience, he expressed no regrets. He remarked, "Hey, there'll be a time down the road when this stuff won't matter to them anymore, so sign me up—daddy's in."

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