Crazy Star Ravichandran - son of movie producer K Veeraswami - is known to treat the Kannada audience with the new wave cinema. Almost all of his experiments were a hit as he exactly knew the ABC of film-making. No wonder then, why he is regarded as the 'Showman' of Sandalwood. Music played a quintessential part in his movies and the credit of brining out such memorable tracks must go to 'Nada Brahma' Hamsalekha.

Under the duo's combination was made 'Premaloka' and this is hailed as a trend-setting movie in Indian cinema. The literature of the movie's music was so mind-blowing that it erased the set formulas that were a regular feature in cinemas then. Almost all the songs from 'Premaloka' and 'Ranadheera' were a super-duper hit. This combination belted out some memorable music in more than 30 movies.

Even when Ravichandran took to remake movies, the movies became super success largely because of the music composed by Hamsalekha. Hamsalekha still addresses Ravichandran as 'Yajamanru' - also the title of one of his famous movies.

However, the duo drifted their ways (for some time) for reasons best known to them. Ravichandran did try his hand at composing but the music failed to live up to the people's expectations. After much persuasion by fans, Ravichandran and Hamsalekha have now joined hands again. Sandalwood audience hope that the duo would soon recreate the magic of 'Premaloka'.