So also is at the workplace.You cannot expect a 100% productivity if you are at your desk all day. Hence it’s necessary to take short breaks to reset before you get back to work.


Here are three simple ways to take a break.


1. Rehydrate:   


To be effective at work, you need to be adequately rehydrated. This means, you need to be drinking enough of water to keep you focussed and attentive. 




2. Mingle with your co-workers:



Your co-workers can be a great sounding board and can help reduce the stress, anxiety and frustration when you’re having an off-day. Besides this, you can also get to know your co-worker better and might discover that you'll have a lot more in common that is not work-related.




3. Your first break should be after 90 minutes: 

According to Huffington Post,Those who work in 90-minutes spurts could be more effective and productive, according to a theory of rest that borrows from observations made during sleep research.”



4. Utilise your earned leave:     

Yes, instead of accumulating it, and hoping to encash it (if your company allows it) don’t. Instead, go for a much needed vacation, and a change of scene. Head to the hills or the ocean or the wild jungles, whatever catches your fancy.  This is a great way to recharge and refresh before heading back to the workspace.