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Woman's dating profile reads 'looking for someone to cuddle at end of long s**t'; leaves Internet in splits

A dating profile typo sparks viral humour and playful banter on social media, showcasing the unpredictable nature of online communication.

Woman dating profile reads 'looking for someone to cuddle at end of long s**t'; leaves Internet in splits snt
First Published Jun 6, 2024, 6:52 PM IST

In the ever-evolving landscape of online dating, where users meticulously curate their profiles to attract potential matches, one woman's innocent supposed typo has become the subject of amusement and laughter across social media platforms.

The incident unfolded when a screenshot of a woman named Heather's dating profile made its way onto the internet, capturing the attention of amused netizens. Underneath her chosen photos, Heather had penned a seemingly heartfelt message: "I am a loyal, honest, loving person looking to find someone to make memories with and cuddle up with at the end of a long s**t."

However, it wasn't long before eagle-eyed observers noticed the glaring error in her text. It appeared that Heather had intended to write "shift" but inadvertently typed "s**t," sparking a wave of humourous responses from amused onlookers.

The screenshot quickly gained traction after being shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by the account @NoContextBrits, prompting a flurry of witty comments and reactions. Some users couldn't resist cracking jokes, with one quipping, "As long as she washes her hands," while another humourously remarked, "I think most couples have those relationship goals."

Others took a more empathetic approach, sharing their own experiences of similar typos or autocorrect mishaps. One user recounted a similar incident in a job advertisement, highlighting the universal nature of typographical errors in digital communication.

Despite the playful banter, many expressed admiration for Heather's candidness, praising her honesty and willingness to laugh at the situation. "Autocorrect has both ruined communication… and made it SO much better," one user mused.

In a testament to the internet's penchant for toilet humour, several comments incorporated playful references to bodily functions. From puns like "Wipe right" to nods to Johnny Cash's iconic song "Ring of Fire," the online community embraced the lightheartedness of the moment.

Here's a look at some of the reactions to the woman's dating profile:

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