According to US law, his assault against the woman was just termed as 'offensive touching', and the case was reduced to a minor felony, despite the horrifying audio clip. Thus he might serve less than a month in jail as he was offered a plea deal, said a US media report.

"The court calls it 'offensive touching' as the wife shouts out it was not offensive touch but terrorism. That’s how I felt—terrorised and controlled, held hostage by the fear of pain, humiliation and assault on my being and my daughter’s, ” Neha told, as reported by the Daily Beast. The video was recorded on May 17, last year.

In the heart-wrenching audio submitted to the court by Neha Rastogi, 36, her husband Abhishek Gattani, 38, is heard beating her in front of their 2-year-old daughter. The audio clip of 5.58 minutes is really disturbing and makes it horrifying to even imagine what the woman might have gone through in these 10 years.

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Here is the full text of the conversation as the husband beats up his wife over a discussion on “What is a bug bi*ch?”. The link to the disturbing video has been given below.

The audio-video starts with the two discussing a website that is getting fewer page views. While Neha suggested that it was a software bug, Abhishek forces her to define a bug in computer terms. But as he talks it is clear that he doesn't want an answer but in reality wants his wife to act as if he knows everything and she is dumb.

This is how the conversation proceeds:

“We are talking about a bug, what is a bug... NEHA... Rastogi?” he asks on the video. “You are a QA [quality assurance] person, right? This is amazing. I am having fun today actually. Let’s talk about what-- is-- a-- bug?”

“Let’s say you—” she begins.

“No, no, no,” he says. “When did I say that’s a bug? We talked about bugs right? Is it getting very difficult for you to focus? You really do need help. You need me to take another step and come to you. You need help?”

“Let’s—you know what, here’s the thing, it’s all in your hand,” he says.

“You don’t want to get beaten up?” he asks. “Then control yourself.”

“If you didn’t want that police report and incarceration you should have gotten yourself and your senses back to track,” he goes on.

(Abhishek was booked for domestic violence on November 30 in 2013. Even then, he was apparently enraged during an argument about what to pack for a trip along with their then 3-month-old child to India. A postal worker called the police to report that a woman was being assaulted in the street outside the couple’s home in Sunnyvale, California. The report had said that the witness had stated: “pushing and pulling [Rastogi] along the sidewalk while punching her with a closed fist in the side and back multiple times.” The subsequent police report notes that Abhishek told the officer, “He was holding [Rastogi’s] hand when they were walking the neighborhood, he denied that he ever got violent or physical.”)

“Am I not right? Yes or no?” Abhishek is heard saying on the video. “Despite that incident you are still not able to control yourself. OK. You still aren’t—right? This shows me that you need good motivation to do that.”

“It’s my failure that I have not been able to provide that to you,” he says.

“What is a bug?” he asks. “Come on, bitch! What is a bug?”

“A bug is when-- a-- you know when the-- when something doesn’t behave as per intended.” she replies.

He asks how the glitch they have been discussing could be described as a bug. She seeks to answer. He remains unsatisfied.

“No, no, no. I asked you how is that a bug?” he demands.

She again tries to answer.

“No, no you bitch,” he says. “I have a very very specific question, you please, you keep answering complicated questions OK.”

He accuses her of accusing him of being critical. She seems to remain conciliatory, telling him that she is trying to answer honestly and asking his advice.

“So-- I a-- a-- a-- I am just asking what do you think is your understanding that a product manager would go ahead and do at this point,” she says.

“Abhishek, please don’t hit me more,” she says. “I-- I am just trying to be more critical over here. I am just trying to question this-- Please don’t do this, please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this.”

She is crying now

“OK, here is a link that seems to be landing to a page, which takes you to this content. Would you…” he asks.

Here comes the first hit.

“… keep that link, or would you remove it? Tell me…”

The second hit.

“… Keep that link or remove it?”

Neha continues to cry.

“Remove it,” she says.

“So did you get your answer of what you would do?” he asks.

A third hit.

“Your users come to the app, they login, right?” he asks.

“Yeah, no this is a bug I will act on,” she says.

She seems ready to say whatever he wants her to say. Three more hits follow.

“What would you do?” he asks.

“I would fix it,” she says.

“You will fix it Na’?” he asks. “Is that a bug? Is it actionable?”

Then the seventh hit.

“Is that something you will fix?” he demands. “Is that something you will operate on?

By her account, he is again pulling her hair with both hands, causing her to cry out in pain. There is an eighth hit. He asks why she asked him about the glitch in the first place.

“You love being critical right?” he asks. “Because right now it is all about being critical? Yeah?”

The ninth hit and she sobs.

“Yeah, you are right,” she says.

“How come I am right?” he inquiries. “Why, why did it, why come this? Why does this.. this.. this thing take so—you spent enormous number of time debating.”

Click here for the audio, posted by the Daily Beast.