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Under criticism for inaction, China commences action in the Red Sea; Escorts ships away from Houthis

Facing international criticism for perceived inaction, China has taken a bold step by initiating naval escorts in the Red Sea. The move involves guiding Chinese ships away from Houthis, signaling a strategic shift that could reshape the dynamics and global perceptions.

Under criticism for inaction, China commences action in the Red Sea; Escorts ships away from Houthis avv
First Published Feb 3, 2024, 4:06 PM IST

China has begun its operations in the Red Sea helping its shipping companies against the attacks by the Houthi rebels. The so-called leader of Asia was found nowhere near the conflict region when shipping companies were being attacked by the Houthi rebels causing disruption in global trade. 

The US, UK, and India stepped up to guide and escort the commercial ships in the region away from the Houthis. The US and the UK Navy have taken the responsibility of guarding the shipment route and have also indulged in attacks against the Iran-backed Yemanese group. While the Indian Navy has successfully bailed out many global shipping vessels that came under attack and hijacked.

The Indian Navy was the first to reach and help out a ship carrying Pakistani and Iranis which was attacked by pirates. The South Asian giant has been receiving praise from all corners of the world for their efforts in protecting ships in the major global trade route. Whereas, China has been absent from the scene despite having a major stake in global trade.

China has a military base in Djibouti which is not far away from the flashing point in the Red Sea region. Despite that, the Chinese Navy was constantly ignoring distressing calls from various global shipment vessels that came under attack. Suspicions arose by the inaction of China in the Red Sea leading many to believe that the Dragon was in collusion with Iran and the Houthis in causing the global trade route disruption.

The Chinese Navy entered the Red Sea region for the first time this week escorting China's cargo ships away from the Houthis. A Qingdao-based company registered in Singapore had also been escorted by the Chinese Navy and is also among the few companies that are currently using the risky trade route.

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