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Protester takes over Hague station loudspeaker, Accuses Netherlands of complicity in Gaza genocide (WATCH)

A woman Protester took over Hague station speaker, accuses Netherlands of Gaza genocide involvement. Urges immediate action, highlighting the impact of tax contributions. Commotion ensues as passengers grapple with the unexpected call to address the crisis.

Protester takes over Hague station loudspeaker, Accuses Netherlands of complicity in Gaza genocide (WATCH) avv
First Published Feb 13, 2024, 4:42 PM IST

A protestor in the Netherlands took over the loudspeaker systems of the Hague central station causing imminent abruption of services. A woman took a swipe at the Netherlands government in the context of the current war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

As passengers flocked over the busy Hague central station, they were interrupted by a humanitarian speech. The woman who took over the loudspeaker systems accused the Netherlands government of helping Israel in the Gaza genocide by selling spare parts of the F35 jet.

She revealed that the Netherlands government was using the taxpayers’ money to help Israel. It was also said that the Netherlands government is protecting Israel from sanctions at the United Nations and that the government has also failed to demand a ceasefire between the two parties.

As people looked over the speakers, small pamphlets started raining that held the same accusations against Israel and the Netherlands. The Hague Central Station also had flags in support of the Hamas and the Gazans. The lapse of security has alarmed the police forces in the Hague.

The public stunt has come after Israel’s move towards Rafah city that has caused a global outcry. The Israel Defense Forces have started attacking the southernmost city of Palestine where lakhs of Gazans flocked to after the Israel-Hamas war broke out in October last year. 

International bodies and prominent countries have urged Israel to immediately stop its attack on Rafah. Israel rejected a truce from Hamas after conditions put forth by the terror group seemed too much for Israel. The forces on the order of Benjamin Netanyahu moved into Rafah on Monday freeing two hostages and killing more than 100 people.

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