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Israel sends high profile lawyers to the Hague, vows to fight Genocide allegations against South Africa

The Israel state will fight against South Africa in the International Court of Justice against genocide allegations. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue the fight against Hamas and sharply criticized Pretoria for their hypocrisy.

Israel sends high profile lawyers to the Hague, vows to fight Genocide allegations against South Africa avv
First Published Jan 12, 2024, 3:52 PM IST

Israel in a major historic turn has decided to face and battle the genocidal charges levied against them vis-a-vis the recent Palestinian conflict. South Africa took the Jewish state to the International Court of Justice for the military operations conducted in the Gaza Strip also terming them as Genocide. 

The Israeli Forces were caught off guard as dozens of Hamas militants invaded the border towns and cities on the Israeli side. As a result of those terrorist attacks, more than 1,200 Israeli civilians were killed. In response to the guerilla attack by the Hamas group, Israel Defense Forces unleashed a war against them in Gaza and adjoining areas.

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The events in the Middle East region were noted by all the countries including top global bodies. South Africa termed the retaliatory attacks by Israel as genocide and has filed a case against the Jewish state in the International Court of Justice. The ICJ will be hearing the case in its headquarters at the Hague in the Netherlands.

Israel has been subjected to such cases before as well by various global governing bodies. But hardly has the Jewish state paid attention to any proceedings. Previously, Israel’s stance was clear about not engaging in such cases however, in a major turn, the Israeli government has decided to send its legal team to the Hague to fight the genocide allegations by South Africa.

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu sharply criticized Proteria and said, “We are fighting terrorists, we are fighting lies. Today we saw an upside-down world. Israel is accused of genocide while it is fighting against genocide. No, South Africa, it is not we who have come to perpetrate genocide, it is Hamas. We will continue our defensive war, the justice and morality of which is without peer.

The hypocrisy of South Africa screams to the heavens. Where was South Africa when millions of people were killed or torn from their homes in Syria and Yemen, by whom? By partners of Hamas. Israel is fighting murderous terrorists who carried out crimes against humanity: They slaughtered, they raped, they burned, they dismembered, they beheaded - children, women, elderly, young men and women.”

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