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Hezbollah drones attack two US military bases in Syria hours after Biden's departure from Israel

According to reports, Hezbollah drones attacked two American military bases in Syria at the same time: The al-Tanf base in the province of Homs and the facility at the Conoco field in Deir ez-Zor were hit on Thursday.

Israel Hamas war Hezbollah reportedly fires rocket at US military base in Syria after Biden departure gcw
First Published Oct 19, 2023, 6:00 PM IST

Hours after US President Joe Biden's departure from Israel, a concerning development took place as Hezbollah reportedly attacked two US military bases in Syria at the same time. According to reports, Hezbollah drones attacked the al-Tanf base in the province of Homs and the facility at the Conoco field in Deir ez-Zor. This comes hours after Biden's returned to the United States following his visit to Tel Aviv amid the ongoing war with Hamas, with some reports claiming that military bases in Iraq were targeted too. Notably, within a 24-hour span, drone attacks reportedly occurred on military camps in Iraq, causing injuries to members of the allied forces. However, there is currently no available information regarding any casualties. This marks the first instance in a year in which Iran-backed groups have targeted a US military base in Iraq. US officials have stated that there were, in fact, three drone attacks, impacting the Al-Harir Air Base in western Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

The Iran-backed groups in Iraq had previously issued threats to attack American facilities in response to US support for Israel. Subsequently, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed responsibility for the two attacks, asserting that this marked the "beginning of more operations" against the "American occupation." The attack is believed to be a direct result of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, with the United States providing support to Israel through the provision of weapons and other means.

Amid the global attention drawn to the Israel-Hamas war, which commenced on October 7, a significant focus has been placed on Hezbollah, a powerful ally of Hamas located in Lebanon, near Israel's northern border. Hezbollah has also engaged in attacks on Israeli forces in the past, resulting in aerial clashes between the Israeli military and Hezbollah fighters.

A deeply tragic incident occurred when a hospital in Gaza was targeted, leading to the loss of hundreds of lives on Tuesday night. In response, a statement was issued, blaming the United States and Israel for the catastrophe. The statement also appealed for an end to American presence in Iraq. Hamas attributed the explosion in Gaza to an Israeli airstrike, while Israel claimed it was caused by a failed rocket fired by Palestinian group Islamic Jihad. The statement concluded with a stern warning that those responsible for such actions would face dire consequences in this world before the next.

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