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China beats US; develops Smart Shell weapon system, claims it can hit targets with precision at Mach 7 speed

China has taken a greater stride in its military output as its research and development project revolving around the Smart Shell weapon system has come out successful according to Chinese military scientists.

China beats US; develops Smart Shell weapon system, claims it can hit targets with precision at Mach 7 speed avv
First Published Jan 25, 2024, 5:47 PM IST

China has been rapidly developing its defense output through massive investments and research and development projects. In a breakthrough, the Asian powerhouse nation has claimed that it has managed to develop a top-class weapon system that goes by the name, Smart Shell.

Chinese military scientists claim that the weapon system can hit like a missile with hypersonic speed. Smart Shell has the capability to hit targets with precision at a speed of Mach 7 (seven times faster than the speed of sound). Despite the high-speed claim, the system can also receive stable signal from the satellite and continuously adjust its flight path which is a first for objects with that speed.

Though, the precision attack system can falter against smaller mobile objects but could come in handy for attacks on huge structures like warships and ports. According to reports, the US had planned to create such a system in 2012. The proposed plan of research and development had a deadline of 2017 which was surpassed multiple times. The US shelved the project in 2021.

The main hindrance in creating such a weaponry system is managing the significant electromagnetic field that is generated during the launch. The electromagnetic field if not managed could destroy electronic components such as microchips or antennae creating other problems in terms of satellite navigation. The US is believed to have failed to manage the electromagnetic field in its research project.

Chinese military scientists claim that they successfully overcame the problem by developing an antenna that has the capability of withstanding the electromagnetic field. They also claim to have fixed the heat problem created by friction which is caused by high-speed movement. The mass production of aerogel as a thermal barrier has helped in the protection of components from heat.

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