5 new WhatsApp features you can expect soon

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1. Search feature for Update tab

The top app bar may now have a search option that allows users to look for status updates, following channels, and even more verified channels.

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2. Pinned messages feature

You will soon be able to pin message to top of chats in order to emphasise it, making it simpler for other users to reach messages that are significant or regularly referred to.

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3. Additional safety feature

A higher level of security will be maintained while making voice and video calls. This feature since WhatsApp will make it more difficult for others to discover your IP address.

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4. New interface

Users will receive a newly updated, contemporary chat attachment menu. It will undoubtedly be cleaner and more user-friendly thanks to recent changes.

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5. Secret code feature

A secret code feature for restricted discussions is being developed by Meta. Users have more control over closed chats thanks to functionality, which differs from main password.

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