Ram Mandir: What is 'prayaschit' puja happening in Ayodhya?

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Rituals before consecration begins

Ram Lalla Pran Pratishtha ritual has started in Ayodhya from today. The 'prayaschit' puja is performed on the first day. Let's check what it means...

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'Prayaschit' Puja is necessary

According to Pt. Nailn Sharma of Ujjain, in any temple there is a provision to perform 'prayaschit' or atonement puja before consecration. It is done physically and mentally.

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Special bath during 'prayaschit' puja

In the prayaschit puja, the ritual patron takes bath with water containing Panchadravya & many other ingredients. Gold is also donated during this puja.

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Who does Prayaschit Puja?

The puja is done by the Yajman i.e. the person who conducts Pran Pratishtha in the temple. 121 Brahmins are performing this puja in the Ram temple.

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Why do 'Prayaschit' Puja happen?

The basic idea behind this puja is that if the person consecrating the idol has committed any sin knowingly or unknowingly, then he atones for it through this Puja.

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A kind of Purification

Prayaschit refers to the act of making amends or seeking forgiveness for one's actions, often through rituals or acts of contrition in Hindu culture.

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