India's top 7 tea brands you must try

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1. Brooke Bond Red Label

A brand under Hindustan Unilever Limited, is famous for its Red Label tea. With a rich and balanced taste, Red Label is a staple in Indian households.

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2. Lipton

Offers wide range of tea blends, including green tea and flavored teas. Their consistent quality and innovative tea offerings make them a favorite among tea enthusiasts.

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3. Wagh Bakri

Known for its aromatic and rich Darjeeling and Assam blends, Wagh Bakri is a go-to choice for those who appreciate authentic Indian tea.

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4. Twinings

They offer a variety of teas, including their famed Earl Grey and English Breakfast blends. Twinings appeals to those who prefer classic British teas.

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5. Society Tea

Has been household name since 1930s. They offer variety of teas, including masala chai, green tea, and Assam tea. Their quality and tradition keeps them in high regard.

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6. Girnar

Famous for its masala chai premixes, offers convenience without compromising on taste. They have a wide range of teas and chai mixes.

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7. Tata Tea

One of the oldest and most renowned tea brands in India. Known for its strong and flavorful blends, Tata Tea's offerings cater to various preferences.

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