Samosa to Murukku: 6 popular dry snacks across India

Samosa is a popular dry snack filled with potato filling, onions, lentils, spicy potatoes, peas, or ground meat mixture. Here are 6 popular dry snacks across India.

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Khakhra is a delicious, crispy flatbread and dry snack that originated in Gujarat, India. It is prepared with wheat flour, mat bean, and oil.

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Bhelpuri is a savoury delicacy found in street carts across India. Puffed rice, ground nuts, potatoes, onions, and chilis are among the most regularly utilized ingredients.

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Banana Chips

Fried banana chips are often made from underripe banana slices that have been deep-fried in sunflower or coconut oil and are popular dry snack in Kerala.

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Ganthiya is a popular Indian deep-fried chickpea flour dry snack from Gujarat, India, where it is frequently served with tea.

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Murukku is a crispy and staple Indian snack prepared from rice flour, urad dal, and bean flour mixed into a spiral-shaped batter and deep-fried in oil from Tamil Nadu.

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