Mitin Masi to Krishna: Top 5 Bengali detectives in Bengali Literature

Bengali literature also features strong and memorable women detectives who have left their mark on the genre. Here are some notable women detectives in Bengali literature:

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Mitin Mashi

Created by Suchitra Bhattacharya, Mitin Mashi is a private investigator known for her intelligence, independence, and strong sense of justice.

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Goyenda Gargi

Detective Gargi came to the limelight in the 90s by writer Tapan Banerjee. The fictional character is a student of Mathematics and her hobby is to solve cases as a detective. 

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Goyenda Krishna

Krishna is the first female detective in Bengali literature. Prabhavati Devi Saraswati brought female detective stories to the readers in the 5th decade of the last century. 

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Goyenda Gondalu

Written by Nalini Das, four friends from a boarding school- Kalu, Malu, Tulu and Bulu accompany detective Gandalu in the book. The stories became popular among young readers.

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Damayanti Sen

In the seventies, Bengali literature got a female detective through Manoj Sen. In 1974, Damayanti made his debut in the Romanch magazine. 

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