Israel-Palestine War: 7 Jew characters in popular literature

Shylock of 'Merchant of Venice' to 'Uriah Heep' of Charles Dicken's David Copperfield, popular literature had a negative portrayal of Jews. Here's listing 7 such characters

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Shylock in Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Shylock is the vindictive moneylender whose hatred for Antonio makes him put a pound of the latter's flesh as colateral in a loan

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Barabas in 'Jew of Malta' by Christopher Marlowe

Barabas is the quintessential Machiavellian villain known for his scheming ambition and having infinite riches in a little room

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Daniel Deronda of 'Daniel Deronda' by George Elliot

The titular character in George Eliot's novel is a young man who discovers his Jewish heritage and becomes involved in the Zionist movement

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Uriah Heep in David Copperfield by 'Charles Dickens'

Uriah Heep is a slimy and deceitful character who is sometimes seen as embodying negative traits associated with Jews

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Isaac of York of 'Ivanhoe' by Sir Walter Scott

Isaac of York is depicted as a moneylender but is also a kind-hearted and sympathetic figure

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Fagin in Charles Dickens Oliver Twist

 Is a complex character and a fence who leads a gang of child thieves. He is often seen as an embodiment of anti-Semitic stereotypes of the time

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