Ghevar to Maplua: 7 sweets to try on Kajari Teej

Ghevar to malpua are quintessential sweets during Kajari Teej, enhancing the festive spirit with their flavors and traditional significance

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Ghevar, known for its intricate latticework, is often garnished with slivered almonds and pistachios, making it a delightful treat that adds to the festive spirit of Kajari Teej

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Malpua is a cherished dessert during Kajari Teej celebrations, known for its indulgent sweetness and traditional significance

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Kheer holds a special place in Kajari Teej festivities, symbolizing the essence of togetherness and festivity

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Common types like carrot halwa (gajar ka halwa) and semolina halwa (sooji ka halwa) are savored during Kajari Teej celebrations, adding to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion

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Coconut Ladoo

These round, bite-sized delights are an essential part of Kajari Teej celebrations, offering a perfect blend of sweetness and coconut flavor

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Gujiya is a crescent-shaped pastry filled with a sweet mixture of khoya, nuts, and sugar, deep-fried to golden brown perfection, and is a must-have during Kajari Teej festivities

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